Saudi Writer Badryah al-Bishr: Be the Action, Not the Reaction


The popular Saudi writer and TV commentator Badryah al-Bishr appeared at this year’s Emirates LitFest, where she talked about the explosion in production of Saudi novels, how she deals with controversy, her latest novel, and more:

By Sawad Hussain

badriya1Badryah al-Bishr is a Saudi writer whose last novel Love Stories on Al-Asha Street was longlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2014. Through her fiction, newspaper articles, and television programme (Badryah on MBC), she explores the position of Saudi as well as Arab women as a whole in contemporary society. Her views have generated much controversy, as though she is poised and elegant, she does not mince her words. Hend Saeed of the Dubai International Writers’ Centre – which ran a reading and discussion group session on Al-Bishr’s novel in the lead-up to the festival – moderated the session.

The following are excerpts from her session at the Seventh…

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