Fanaa Investments Limited – Share Issue Pricing and Information Memorandum dated 27th August 2015

Issue of up to KES 12,500,000/- Ordinary Share Capital at par divided into 100 shares of Kshs 125,000/- each
1 Aggregate Nominal Amount:
Pre- Launch: Number of shares available 40       – Price: at Kshs 125,000 per ordinary shares
Launch Price: Number of shares available 30      – Price at Kshs 150,000 per ordinary (share premium Kshs 25,000)
Post Launch Price: Number of shares available 30 – Price at Kshs 200,000 per ordinary (share premium Kshs 75,000)

2. Tenor:  Perpetual
3. Potential Exit Strategy – Distribution of share based on shareholding ratio when Ace Financial Advisory Limited lists on the Nairobi Securities Exchange
4. Returns
Dividends from Ace Financial Advisory Limited and Capital Appreciation of the shares on listing on Nairobi Securities Exchange.
5. Purpose of share issue
To purchase 30% of the share capital of Ace Financial Advisory Limited a company which shall be involved in providing investment advisory, fund management and Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) services including subsequently applying for RBA license for Fund manager and administrator to create and manage retirement benefit schemes.
The niche area in which it intends to specialize is Islamic Sharia Compliant pension schemes management, unit trusts, advise on raising of Sukuk’s (Islamic Sharia Compliant Financial certificates broadly equivalent to bonds) by National and County Governments and Companies, personal financial planning including distribution of Takaful products (Islamic Sharia Compliant Insurance) and Islamic Home Finance products, promote and manage REIT’s and Islamic Sharia Compliant REIT’s.
Risk Category: Very High Risk investment as Islamic Sharia Compliant investment advisory and management is not common and significant education of the public will have to be undertaken before the business takes off, it is estimated this period will be around 2 to 3 years. However this is mitigated by expected super-normal returns as there is limited competition in this area plus prudent and conservative usage of funds by founders of Ace Financial Advisory Limited.
Issue basis: First come first issued and offer will close on reaching the maximum for the tranche issue.
Definition of terms
Pre-Launch :- To date to the date of receiving investment advisor license
Launch: From date of receiving Investment advisor license to earlier of receiving fund manager license or one year from receiving investment advisor license.
Post Launch: From end of launch period to date of Ace Financial Advisory Limited applying to list on the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

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