Know your net worth – as you find out and analyse where you money is going.

After knowing where your money is going, the next very important step is to know your NET WORTH (that is what you already own (Assets) subtract what you are owed (Liabilities). This will guide you to meet your financial and personal goals in life. Knowing your current net worth is important in order to track down your progress and, see that the steps you are taking are helping you realize your goals.
Your Assets that you have include any properties you own – value of houses, businesses, land, motor vehicles and so on, money in bank accounts, Savings and Credit Societies, securities such as stocks, shares, bonds.
Your Liabilities are debts that you are to pay include mortgage, credit card balances, loan outstanding, and any other monies owed.
Once you have known your current net worth, now can come up with how you want to improve your value? Where do you see yourself in life in six months, one year, five years? What would you like to be doing in the next one month, six months, one year, five years time?
Visualize yourself – create your goals, objectives and we at Ace Financial Advisory Ltd will help you take steps in the right directions to achieve your desired goals with the complete information from where your money is going, to your current net worth through to achieving your goals to living a better more satisfying lives. Step by step guide to achieve your full potential minimizing wastages and diversions.

By Ali Ebrahim


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