The author, Nizar Motani, has portrayed the Aga Khan as one of the principal actors on the world stage. A towering international figure, the Aga Khan has been a ” Person of the Year”, almost year after year, in the eyes of a vast universe of prestigious private and public organizations. As the Diamond Jubilee of this remarkably energetic, visionary and revolutionary hereditary Imam of the Ismaili Muslims approaches, this article is intended to further acquaint his followers with their spiritual leader’s dizzying range of astonishing accomplishments. It is also very relevant for the non-Ismaili readers who may not know who this Global Citizen, and a “head of many states”, is! In this concise essay, Nizar Motani has made a compelling case for the Aga Khan to be the foremost candidate for the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize.

via The Aga Khan: From an Ismaili Muslim Imam to a Global Citizen and Virtual Head of States — Barakah