Penned by Ali Ebrahim
When disaster strikes, it’s best to be prepared. Nobody can predict the future but WISE people plan ahead for it. The unwise see buying insurance as an unnecessary expense but WISE people realize its true value. Having insurance OR Takaful is necessary because it allows people to have a contingency plan. The truth is tragedies happen. Nobody is immune. DON’T BE UNPREPARED. Get INSURANCE Or TAKAFUL.
Not having insurance is a speculative. For those on who are favoured by fortune, nothing happens. They never get never get sick, or their property never gets burnt by fire, or thieves don’t break in their premises, or employees never defraud them, or their employees never have any medical emergency, or are never involved a car accident plus, they have enough wealth that when they die nobody in their family will feel financially deprived. Unfortunately the vast majority of the people are not in this position.
But, a majority of us face risks that cause loss and have real financial consequences. Many people have lost everything by not being properly prepared for emergencies. Fortunately, the financial impact of these uncertain tragedies can be transferred or at least mitigated (lessened) by regularly investing and saving by paying a relatively small price called ‘premiums’ via an Insurance plan through an Insurance Company which will REDISTRIBUTE your money to you when unexpected disasters occurs, Insurance gives you THE PEACE OF MIND.
Insurance companies are able to do that because they are trusted by many people who face similar PERILS (this is the loss causing event) to gather their small amounts into a large pool. When one faces a loss, some money out of that large pool is REDISTRIBUTE to ease the financial burden of that one person who has been faced with the loss from that particular group of persons.
Insurance and Takaful protects. Sure it has a cost, but it is well worth it. Don’t go through life without a plan, Protect yourself and your family. Come to Mohamed Ebrahim Insurance Agencies for a Complete Personal Financial Plan, which Protects, Invests, has Security  and has Tax advantages. Contact Ali Ebrahim @