About Ace Financial Advisory Limited

Ace Financial Advisory Limited is in the process of obtaining an Investment Advisor licence from the Capital Market Authority in Kenya.

The services currently provided include  Personal Financial Planning, Corporate  Finance including, support while Raising Finance/Capital, Share/Business Valuation and Buy/Sell Due Diligence services, Investment and Commercial Arbitration, Transaction Advisory, Sukuk advisory for both Public Sector (County and National Government) and Private  Sector.- (Corporate and Social Entities). Our focus on the SME segment.

Subsequently we intend in 3-5 year’s time Fund Management license from the Capital Markets Authority and then offer Collective Investments Schemes like Unit Trusts /Mutual funds under Asset Management Services in both Islamic Sharia Compliant genre and Conventional genre.

Thereafter, we plan to launch both a Conventional Umbrella (Multi-Employer and Individual) Retirement Benefit plan and an Islamic Sharia Compliant Umbrella (multi-Employer and Individual) after being Licensed by Retirement Benefit Authority as fund managers and fund administrators.

We also have a medium term objective of being licensed as REIT Manager’s offering both Islamic Sharia Compliant, REIT’s and Conventional REIT’s after being licensed by the Capital Markets Authority as REIT Managers.



  • Business and Company Share Valuation
  • Integrated Personal Financial Planning
  • Finance and Capital Raising support
  • Due diligence in buying/selling businesses
  • Arbitration in Commercial and Investment disputes
  • General business financial structuring advice and support.

In future

  • Manage Contracted out NSSF Tier II Funds
  • Advice National & County Government in raising finance via Sukuk
  • Promote Companies to list on NSE, especially GEMS segment
  • Fund Management for RBA approved Retirement Benefit Plans
  • Set up and manage Islamic Sharia Compliant Collective Investment Schemes like Unit Trust, Mutual Funds.
  • Promote Islamic Real Estate Investment Trusts.
  • Wealth Management and Personal Financial Planning for Individuals and SME owners, using existing Islamic Home Finance, Life, Accident and health Takaful, and investment products.

Senior Management Expertise

  • CPA Mohamed Ebrahim, MBA (Manchester), A.CIArb,  and CPA Ahmed Salyani  are practicing auditors and register tax agents and are partners in Ace Associates – Certified Public Accountants a Member firm of McMillan Woods Global both have 20 years experience in auditing, accounting and financial management.
  • Bilal Musani, ACCA, A.CIArb.  is a director in Ace Financial Advisory Limited and Ace Taxation Services Limited and has over 7 years experience in Accounting and Tax.
  • The CEO is CPA Mohamed Ebrahim’s who’s MBA dissertation from the University of Manchester, was on Risk Management in Islamic Financial Institutions, is a  Member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (UK) and is Certified Islamic Finance Executive  and Advanced Certified Islamic Finance Executive in Islamic Accounting- CIFE/ACIFE designation holder from Dubai based Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance. He also hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sustainable Performance Management from the Manchester Metropolitan University. He also holds the Certificate of Proficiency in Insurance in Kenya, to enable him act as an Insurance Agent.

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